Ice Fishing Camp
January 25-27, 2008
Grove City, PA
Twice a year (once in the summer and once in the winter) a group of us gets together to at a small private lake near Grove
City, PA for camping, campfires, good food and fishing.  These are pictures of the winter 2008 ice fishing camp.  The food
was great, we had Alligator Jambalaya for lunch and an out of this world Cajun Boil which contained King Crab Legs,
shrimp, kielbasa, corn on the cob and potatoes for dinner along with many different desserts and of course a variety of
beer.  Mikey Jr. Chevy and Donna came on this trip and had a lot of fun running on the frozen lake and meeting all the
Pella's Land Shark (Chevy) on our way out to check the ice fishing tip ups.
Pella's Hellfire and Damnation (Mikey Jr. a.k.a. Mikey the bad dog) zooming around the lake.  He
managed to step in a fishing hole with each of his four legs. Mikey is my best hunting and fishing dog,
he loves being in the outdoors with me.
Donna making a new friend and trying UNSUCCESSFULLY to steal some beer.
(Editor's note NO DOGS got drunk in the making of this webpage)
Chevy exploring the shoreline at camp.
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