Ch. Candia Indeed ROM
Glen Cree Merryment
Ch. Rendition Erin of Sunny Hills ROM
Ch. Tirvelda Meadowlark's Ebbtide ROM
Meadowlarks Honor Guard
Ch. Shannon's Erin ROM
Danalee Keynote of Shanderin
Ch. Danalee Bright Legend
Ch. Candia Fatima
Ch. Bayberry Kincaide
Ch. Tirvelda Meadowlark Ebbtide ROM
Meadowlark's Honor Guard
Ch. Rendition Indian Summer ROM
Ch. Meadowlark's Interlude
Ch. Meadowlark's Anticipation ROM
Brakenfield Pheasant CD
Ch. Smoke Dream of Tamarisk
Ch. Michael's Patti O'Shea
Ch. Rendition Erin of Sunny Hills ROM
Ch. Rendition Coral Swan
Ch. Meadowlark's Anticipation ROM
Shawnee Wild Wind
Ch. Shawnee Sundance
Ch. Shannon Kelly O'Green ROM
Ch. Candia Indeed ROM
Rendition Miss Scarlet
Ch. Shawnee Sundown
Great, Great, Great Grandparents
Scarlly's Star of Lorien
Ch. Rendition Razzle Dazzle ROM
Ch. Scarlly's Showboat ROM
Ch. Stoneypoint Ruff Stuff
Ch. Caitlin's Excellent Choice
Rendition Country Kate
Charlton's Touch The Clouds
Ch. Rendition Irish Inspiration ROM
Ch. Meadowlark's Masterpiece ROM
Stoneypoint Cinnamon Sadie
Ch. Meadowlark's Moonlight Magic
Ch. Shawnee Pipedream O'Charlton ROM
Ch. Meadowlark's Interlude ROM
Ch. Meadowlark's Masterpiece ROM
Great, Great Grandparents
Ch. Rendition Erin of Sunny Hills ROM
Ch. Danalee Cover Girl
Ch. Candia Indeed ROM
Ch. Liafail Brackenfield Beauty
Ch. Meadowlark's Gingerbread Man
Ch. Renditions Scarlet Rebellion CD
Ch. Courtwood Summer Forecast ROM
Shawnee Wind N' Willow CD
Ch. Meadowlark's Intrepid ROM
Great Grandparents
Meadowlark's Magical Mirage
Ch. Kerry-Erie Revolutionary
Ch. Liafail Sea Urchin
Ch. Rebellions Lumberjack
Rusticwoods Cher
Stoneypoint Lorien's Quest
Ch. Meadowlark's Vindicator ROM
Ch. Kerry-Erie Coral Charm ROM
Ch. Rusticwood Olympic Medalist CD, ROM
Ch. Lorien's Southern Starflower
Ch. Quailfield's Mak'n Business ROM
Ch. Loriens Special Delight CD
This is the Pedigree of the
Pella Crime Litter
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Pella's Partner in Crime
Pella's Perfect Crime
Ch. Pella's Crime of Passion
Ch. Pella's Crime Buster
Multi BISS and Group Winner
Ch. Pella's Prince of Thieves
Multi BISS and MultiGroup Placing
Ch. Pella's Crime Boss
Crime Litter
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