Where even the show dogs get to be dogs.
This is part of the 24 rugged acres that make up Pella.  The dogs and I love it here, so rugged, secluded
and beautiful.  There is plenty of room to run and plenty of wildlife including Ruffed Grouse, Turkeys
and Whitetail Deer.  Pines and Birches are the main trees although some sections have heavy growths
of Oak, Hickory, Black Cherry and Maple.  We have at least 4 good year-round springs on the property
and 2 of them form small creeks.  Hopefully we will soon have some ponds excavated along these creeks
that we can raise trout in.  All in all an Ideal place to raise Irish Setters.
Even the Llama sometimes plays with the dogs.  From right to left Jack, Roxy
and Donna.  Donna still doesn't know what to make of the Llama
Pella's Eastern Skyline
Jack and Donna on the run with our rescue Saint Bernard in the background.  He
is very friendly and thinks he is an Irish Setter.
Pella's Southern Exposure
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