Pella Invades McConnel's Mill State Park
Bobby, Will and I took
Tucker (a Pella's Jack of
Hearts son), Precious (a
Pella's Land Shark
daughter) and Chevy
(a.k.a. Pella's Land
Shark) to one of the most
beautiful places in
Pennsylvania, the Gorge
section of McConnel's
Mills State Park.  Here
Chevy has climbed up on
one of the many rock
picture of
Here is a picture of
Precious with Will
Precious and Will
standing on one of the
many boulders in the
gorge section of the
Slippery Rock Creek.  
The "Rock" is a popular
trout stream and
whitewater kyaking
Another picture of
Will and Precious.
checking out
the wildlife on
the Slippery
Rock Creek.
Tucker (Sirius' Last
Kentucky Boy a Pella's
Jack of Hearts son)
among the hemlocks
and ferns.  The hemlock
is the state tree of